I didn't wear this kind of style lately, but I think, this style suits me best. Black is an obligation, k?

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Talking about one of my 2018 resolution;

"Shop less, sew more."

Every time I found good clothes in a store or even on my phone screen, something that comes up on my mind is, "Don't buy! You have to make one for yourself." That spell works well most of the time and helps me to cut my monthly expense for clothes shopping (even I don't buy new clothes once a month tho). Since I studied fashion, not only theory but also practical, so start from this year I have to push down my expense on buying clothes. I prefer to buy fabric and sew it by myself.
Even though the challenge is way harder than shop the clothes directly, but still.. I have to optimize my skill. Since I always love simple cutting clothes, so it's not that hard to make the pattern. But one thing that's actually hard and sometimes could hold up the works is "to have the mood." Because every right-brained person needs a good mood to create a good result. Hahah.

So what I've learnt about my experience is, if you have a target or resolution to make yourself a better one, start from the thing that you can do at least for yourself.
Remember, even yourself is precious.


New year, new me.
New year, new scent of me.


Are you typical of someone who takes a good scent as a mood booster? Yes, I am. I never forget to bring along my perfume inside my bag or pouch. I spray perfume after shower and do it again before I leave car or other transportation. I have to make sure that I smell good whenever I meet people. I think you're as same as me, right?

So I feel so happy when Imperial Leather's team asked me to review their latest product, it's a perfume collection. Yes, not only one scent but one collection which has six scents! If you want to know that it's not that easy for me to find the scent which suits my personality best. Actually I'm a moody person to choose perfume. But I don't like the smell which is too sweet or too feminine and too strong. But I find it so good about this perfume collection!

Since the perfumes were made by the expert, so they all are so good and long lasting. They also choose the best material for packaging which is strong but still has elegant look. I tried to throw it up and down for the photoshoot, and yes it didn't leave any break, but we just couldn't get the best angle so I don't put the photo here hahah. And last but not least, this perfume could sprays until 800 (eight hundreds) sprays on each bottle. Isn't it great? I wonder how long will each bottle lasts for my normal use, let's see..

And here's the squad
--- EXOTIC (Rose & Tea scent)
     An exotic floral fragrance with notes of citrus lemon and powdery amber.

--- ENCHANTING (Freesia & Jasmine scent)
     A magical floral blend with notes of gardenia and jasmine. My favorite of all!

--- ALLURING (Blossom & Patchouli scent)
     A flirtatious blend with notes of purple berries and lotus blossom.

--- IRRESISTIBLE (Lemon & Musk scent)
     A subtle blend of zesty citrus and delicate soft florals.

--- FRESH (Apple & Rose scent)
     A refreshing and energising fragrance, with green apple and violet.

--- ETERNAL (Citrus & Amber scent)
     A classic scent with notes of refreshing blossom, musk, and warm amber.

Don't forget to jump over to Imperial Leather Indonesia
Official Website | Facebook Instagram

Have a beautiful Sunday, see you!

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Hi, 2018!


Welcome 2018!
It's not too late to say that, right? Been thinking about what to write on this first month of the year, so here I present to you a collaboration video of me and my man. Shot this video when we were in Bandung. And we have a plan to shoot more videos in the future. So let me give you a fresh new content to this blog.
May you have a bright year ahead and enjoy the video!

Videography : @adryantoro | @alexopictures



Talk about skincare products that I use (almost) every day&night. Actually I'm in the mood to take photos of something then I thought, how if I write something about my skincare routine. Then this is what you got. Let me present my veeery simple skincare for my everyday use. FYI, I'm a dry skin type.

I use various product of toner each time. And this is what I use now. This product is suitable for normal to dry skin. I really love the smell so much because it reminds me the smell of saloon hahah. Contains Aromatic Essential Jasmine Oil + Vitamin A, E, F to refresh and maintain moisture to the skin.

I really have a bad dry skin and this product is suitable for the very dry skin type. Even though that it's written that it could moisture the skin for 72 hours, but since I do wudhu for some times after applied this cream and do cleansing after all the activity, so maybe the creme will also cleansed by the water and the makeup remover. But it really helps me to moisture my skin for at least on the day.

I do really love this product so much! It says that the formula of this essence is milk-to-water, so it's a creme but really light. Contains red algae extract and vitamin C antioksidan that help the skin looks brighter and protect in a multi-dimensional way. It protects the skin from the UVA and UVB too. I use it after applying moisturizer and before makeup. 

Beside The Body Shop, I trust Hada Labo for helping me to treat my bad dry skin well. Everyone knows that Hada Labo is a brand from Japan which really concern of dry skin skincare. I used the moisturizer before. It contains 4 types Hyaluronic to lock the skin moisture. The texture is transparent 3D gel. I use this gel before I sleep in the night just to make sure it works optimal.

The products I mentioned are not an endorsement. And you will easily find them in The Body Shop (for TBS products) and drugstore (Mustika Ratu and Hada Labo).



Being a fashion stylist always be my dream job. Even though I'm just a freelance now, it doesn't matter because I could fulfill the dream. Another thing to be grateful for, I could fulfill this dream since I met my bf. Since he works as a photo/videographer for wedding and fashion, so I get a chance to take the job as the stylist if the client needs it. And this is one of my work for a scarf label named Day Scarf. Since the owner ask me to styled the scarf in a fun and feminine way, so this is how it looks. See their instagram on @dayscarf to know more! Uh I wish the owner put my name as stylist and @adryantoro as the photographer on each pic, hahah.

Model: Yasmin from Zaura Models

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