A Love Letter for People Out There! XO


Hi, because today is my birthday, let me say thank you to everyone who gave me a birthday greetings. Even there aren't many people know about my birthday, so let me mention them one by one..


(12:56 AM)
Thank you for someone who greeted firstly, his initial is ZH. A boy that I know well from we were in junior highschool. We have a lot of chit-chats on Line because we never met again after graduated from JHS XD
(3:54 AM)
Thank you for the birthday greetings for a loyal blog reader of mine, Chahrazad.
(7:43 AM)
Thank you Kak Iena who also left a birthday greeting on a comment box on my last post.
(5:15 AM)
Thanks a lot for my MomDad, and siblings who greeted me and sent me some wishes even before I woke up this morning through our family BBM group.
(9:43 AM)
Thank you for my closest friend in college, Nana, for the greetings and wishes. We're both had through so many up and down moments in college together. Keep fighting for this new semester!
(9:47 AM)
Thank you for a girl whom I know well when we were in JHS, she even ever called me "mamah" XD, Ghea. A girl who wears hijab start from her birthday this year, January 26th, Alhamdulillah.. You look more beautiful, Ghe.
(11:27 AM)
Thanks a lot for my very best friend, Thifal. We have been friend since 5th grades, and she hasn't changed at all. Even we haven't met again after months, we always have so much laughs whenever we're together. Thank you for sharing the laughs with me up until now. Let's meet up, I miss ya! XD
(2:34 PM)
My close friend since in 12th grades. Bethari or Bebeta. She even calls me "mamih" up until now XD Thank you for the wishes, my pretty friend!
(10:10 PM)
Thank you, Ka Uti for the birthday greetings and wishes!

Yes, that's all. I don't published about my birthday in the social media. I just wanna share the story in this blog. Because I would read this post in 5 years later, maybe? In Shaa Allah :)
I don't get mad because of my special one and my other friends didn't say a birthday greetings. Just take it easy, since they always here or there with me, I don't mind about this little thing, it doesn't mean that they forget me, right? Hahaha XD

May Allah grants the wishes, Aamiin Allahumma Aamiin..
Live a good life, good people. Let's spread the love! Welcome 19!

A birthday girl

Ina Lathifah Siregar


  1. Awh, how sweet! Your welcome dear. <3


  2. sama-sama darlinn :))
    mungkin temen kamu lupaa, hhehhe. nda pa pa

  3. Happy birthday Inaaa! Makin cantik makin sholehah makin sukses segalanya yaa


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