Event Coverage: Clozette Indonesia x Beauty Box "Beauty Workshop" 2015


Hello, Clozetters!

Finally I get a free time to publish this event coverage. As I had mentioned before on this post. It’s about an event that had been hold on Saturday, February 7th, at Komunal 88 (Ampera Six Commercial Building) South Jakarta, it was a Clozette Indonesia Gathering, Beauty Workshop by BeautyBox”.

I was waiting for this event for sure! Finally, I could meet up with another Clozette Indonesia Ambassadors, Clozette Indonesia crews, and the other beautiful women there. I almost missed this event because of another event, but they have changed the schedule, yey! I think, I would feel very unlucky if I didn’t join this gathering. Because, it was such an interesting event! We also had a chance to tried the new products that haven’t been launched by the Beauty Box.

Honestly, I just tried a not-so-red lipstick. Because I had a make up on my face already before I came there. And also, I’m not a kind of girl who loves to do experiment with make up. So I just looked around, captured, and recorded the moments. So, you can feel the atmosphere by looking at these picture and video.

Detail acara bisa kamu lihat di salah satu article yang ada di Clozette Insider, di sini.
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Okay, let's spread this good news and be the one of us, Clozetters!

And the last but not the least, thank you Clozette Indonesia for this chance! And let’s have some beautiful moments together again. See you all on the next event! XO

What's on our table?
One of the Clozette Indonesia Ambassador, Jean Milka
Fashion Bloggers, 'Sabe' Sabrina and Sara 'Sartob'

Headscarf : unbranded
Pants : H&M
Shoes : League
Bag : online store
Necklace : Yihaa! Project


  1. How cool. Really looks like an awesome event.



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