Metropolis Market 2015


Hi everyone!
Do you know about "Metropolis Market"? An event that had been hold last Thursday until Sunday. There were fashion bazaar, food and beverage booths, garage sale by fashion bloggers, and also a talkshow with some of the fashion bloggers.

I visited the event on Thursday night with my best friend, Thifal. The first day was just for the invitation or it was called, "Metropolis Market VIP Night". And luckily, I got an invitation from the infamous blogger with unique style, Atjil. She had a giveaway and I joined it by left my email and my Line ID, and she picked the winners randomly. And we also took some pics together at the event.

But I'm so sorry, I didn't have a time to record or took the pictures of the event, because I was too busy to looked around, here and there XD So here's the pictures of us in front of the main gate.

Headscarf : ISH
Stripped top : unbranded
Blazer : vintage
Pants : H&M
Shoes : League
Bag : online store


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