My 19 Years Old Journey Begins


Date : February 4th, 2015
Time : 00:00:01


(Happy Birthday!!)

So, I'm the first one to say a birthday greeting to myself! XD
I'm a year late than my other friends. It happened because I was still 4 y.o when I entered kindergarten and it just took one year for me, then I started my elementary school years.

I still remember the time when I celebrated my 5th birthday at school. I really love the cake, birthday presents, wishes, birthday song, birthday hat, and the feeling surrounded by the lovely people, my parents, friends and my teacher. So, it was 14 years ago..

I only had a birthday party only twice in a lifetime. When I was 5th and 10th (If I'm not wrong). And after that, I celebrated the day by having meals with my close friends. I'm not a kind of girl who wishes for a blast birthday party with big cake, cool place, musics, and another wasted things. I dislike it. My parents taught me to not to waste money and time for something useless. Islam never teach us to celebrate our birthday.

And yeah since my 11th birthday, I never had something "big" for my d-day. I just received birthday greetings from my parents, siblings, my big family, friends, and people out there, and received birthday presents from my friends. I almost never asked my parents to bought me birthday presents, I feel so happy even with just a birthday greetings. And those simple things makes me always grateful that there are many people who still remember and love me the way I am, Alhamdulillah..

And thank you for everyone, especially my friends who still remember my birthday and ever made a birthday surprise for me even It was not on February 4th XD

And thank you too for my special one, you have been celebrate my birthday since February 2010. And my best friend who knows me since we were in elementary school. And the last but not the least and always be the first in my life, Allah SWT. who gives me a good life, great family, good friends, and the other good things. And I won't forget to say Alhamdulillah in every day, every hour, every minute, and even every second.. :''')

I hope...
  • I could be a better Muslimah;
  • I could be more often to read Qur'an;
  • I could be a daughter that my parents proud of;
  • I could make more achievements;
  • I could be useful for other people;
  • I could help the people who needs my help;
  • I could through this year with positive vibe and always be grateful;
  • I could be mature;
  • I could come to beautiful place(s) where I haven't visited before;
  • I could saving my money more and more;
  • I could make clothes and accessories by myself;
  • I could ..... (please fill the blank, so I'd know what should I achieve this year)
I hope what I write now will be achieved in this year, in shaa Allah. :)

That's all what I can write..
I hope you have a nice day and don't forget to be grateful to Allah SWT. Alhamdulillah..
And wait for my outfit post! XO

What's new on this month?
The new me.. Begin a new semester, a new college journey..
Having a new room (dorm)
New rings! Early birthday presents for myself. Love 'em to the fullest!
Rings: Forever 21, H&M, Something Borrowed

With so much loves,
a girl who turns 19 today

Ina Lathifah Siregar


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