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Just like what I’ve said on my social media accounts, now I’m working with Citra for #CitraBeraniNatural! I wanna tell you something before, I have a mix type of skin face, dry and oily on the T-area. So it’s a little bit hard for me to find a right product for my daily facial treatment, especially a moisturizer. When I use a not suitable moisturizer, my T-area would become red and become sensitive.
So, when I was asked for this #CitraBeraniNatural, I accepted it directly because I need something new to be tried. I choose their newest package of facial foam and facial moisturizer, it’s Citra Korean Pink Orchid. It brings the soft pink glow of Korean Pink Orchids, extracted when bud blooms into flower and soft pink color softly unfurls in the petals, turning into a one-of-a-kind beauty. It also has a UV protection combinatiton (UVA and UVB) that helps protect our skin from sun rays which can cause dark spots and dull skin.

(1. After using Citra Facial Foam; 2. Applying Citra Moisturizer; 3. After)

I use the facial foam and moisturizer in the morning before I start my activity and in the night before I go to sleep, because it will works better. And to tell you the truth, when I use these facial treatment, my face skin doesn’t feel a sore at all. I think this product really suits my face. I’m not feeling doubt at all.
So for you who wants to feel the same way as mine, go buy the package at the near store, use them twice a day, and you will get your own natural look! And don’t forget to share your picture with Citra product or share your #CitraBeraniNatural story on your social media or on your blog! Don’t forget to add this hashtag > #CitraBeraniNatural

Citra is really suits for our Indonesian skin type! So, you also could be looked beautiful in a natural way without heavy make up on. Stay simple, natural, and beauty! And say #CitraBeraniNatural!


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