Ina Wears: Eid Al Fitr Day


Here's my outfit for Eid Al-Fitr day!
And this is what I do when my mom didn't let me to buy a new clothes for this Eid *sigh*. So, I made this simple top for only two days from the pattern, fabric cutting, and sewing. Yeah I know that you also could make this piece in a shorter time haha! I made two pieces, in broken white and black.
Paired this simple top with my old tulle skirt. And a little touch of the body chain that I got from H&M yesterday. Ta-da!

Ina Wears :
Headscarf : Fix Pose
Top : by ILS
Skirt : ISH 
Body chain : H&M
Bangle : H&M

{Captured by Atiqah}


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