White Pieces with Neon Touch


Just had breakfasting with my sister and Thifal. We had dinner at Go! Curry restaurant at Pasific Place, Jakarta. 
Ina Wears :
Headscarf & Outwear: by ILS
Pants: Coup BelleBerrybenka
Shoes: Reebook
Let's pairing white pieces with neon color!
And I also met some of my model friends around there hihi, it was nice to meet you all! xx
By the way, thank you ka Yulia for lent me your fix lens XD and I'm satisfied with the result! She gave me a chance to play with the lens because I wanna save some of my money to buy a fix lens haha!
I ordered this greenish food, it's a Green Curry! I give 8/10 points for this menu!


  1. Lovely photos dear. You look great!


    1. Thank you for your visit and left a comment as usual, dear! it's a happy thing to read your comment ❤


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