#1 Singapore: Merlion Park


Oh my god.. Counting days to the end of my holiday, yes literally ends. Okay I admit it that three months for holiday is enough haha! I'll be back to my sleepless nights, puffy eyes in the morning, and fill the day with college assignments. Let's get ready!
Alhamdulillah, me and my sister had an unexpected trip to Singapore around two weeks ago. Actually we went there with my dad because he had a business trip hehe. We were there for three nights. So, me and my sister had two days for strolling around the city. But we only visited some places there. For the first day, we went to Merlion Park and strolling around the Orchard Rd. And the second day, we went to Haji Lane street and Gardens by The Bay and strolling around Orchard road again at night with dad. We didn't visit many places there, but we had a lot of fun! Hope we could back to Singapore again!

And here are some pictures of my first day. Going in the same outfit with my sister haha!
What we saw when we walked from City Hall MRT station to the infamous icon of Singapore, Merlion Park.
Enjoyed a cup of mango ice cream on a sunny day and tired legs, haha!
See you on the #2 part of my Singapore holiday soon, in syaa Allah!


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