Jakarta Biennale 2015


Hello hi!

Yesterday was the first time I visited an art exhibition called Jakarta Biennale 2015, it was just happened because my friends asked me to join them. I enjoy art but there are a lot of things that I couldn't understand about the meaning of an art since I'm not an artist, haha!

For me, art is something you can feel, enjoy, and you're just happy to see the art itself without knowing what's the meaning behind it. The most enjoyable art is mural. Mural is a kind of painting on a wide permanent object (that's what I know). It seems like everyone can enjoy mural without having a heavy thought about what's the meaning of it, doesn't it? Now, enjoy and happy weekend!
What I wore :
Headscarf : ISH
Cropped Top : Something Borrowed
Shirt : Maven ID
Pants : H&M
Shoes : League
Rings : Berrybenka


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