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Hello, ladies! It's good to be back. This time I want to spread a good news for you who loves jewelry or for you who's looking for a jewelry store where you can custom your own! Since it's hard for us who live in Indonesia to find an online jewelry store while this time we almost always find everything we need via online, then ORORI comes to serve you to find a good jewelry in an online store! Maybe some of you ever found ORORI in an offline store, but since 2012 they made a decision to sell their products online, so they could reach you wherever you live now.
What kind of jewelry that ORORI sells? There are many of them. Just like women ringsengagement ringsnecklacesbraceletsearrings, and even some pendants. They also sell the jewelry box and the cleaning. And I wanna let you know that ORORI also has Design My Own feature! Oh my god, what else do you need? ORORI knows us a lot, ladies!
It was so hard for me to choose the jewelry, because they all are so beautiful. Especially for me who loves ring so much, so I spent some times to chose the ring, haha! Then after around 30 minutes, finally my heart fell in love with these pieces.
They're beautiful, right? I really love simple and clear rings. And for the bracelets, I love the design because they're simple and unique and also the colors!
So, find your perfect jewelry on ORORI now!

And last but not the least, I'd like to say thank you so much to ORORI team that gave me a chance to visited their office, chose the jewelry that I like, tried them on, and took some pictures! It's good to be a blogger, right? XD

See you on my next post!


  1. Well I love the way that jeweler shows their unique craftsmanship and artistry with such a nice finishing. Even I have a name bracelet in my wardrobe

    Custom Design Jewelry


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