Blowpop Basic "Pansy" Grey


I just bought this simple yet elegant top from Blowpop Basic. How I love all of their pieces! Good fabric and affordable price, of course! Visit their instagram and buy one or two or more XO

Red in The Rainy Season


I just realized that today is Sunday, it means my holiday has already passed for a week, and a week to go before I catch my 4th semester, in shaa Allah...

The rain poured hard when I took these outfit pics, while I got a leisure time and my little sister was doing nothing, so I asked her to took the pics XD

Headscarf : Online store
Stripped Top : Hijabenka
Mesh Top : Nikicio
Pants : Coup Belle
Shoes : Ezra by Zalora
Clutch : Sophie Paris
Rings : F21 & Chasya House
Necklace as bracelet : Gift

ARCG's 10th Hijab Tutorial


Some of my friends have been asked me about this hijab style, so I decided to made the tutorial. So here it is! And wearing a headscarf by ISH which I bought recently. Enjoy!

Winning My REVLON Parfumerie Scent Contest


I just received a package of My Revlon Parfumerie Scent nail polish after winning a contest on Clozette Indonesia around two months ago. Actually I just promoted the contest on my Instagram and blog because I'm one of the Clozette Indonesia Ambassador, but ended by winning it, lucky me! XD

So the package of the prize contents; China Flowers, Tropical Rain, African Tea Rose, and Wintermint.

And now, let's go check another contest by Clozette Indonesia here. And win the prizes!

Photograph by ILS

"Less is More"


Everyone has made their own 2015 Resolutions, right?  I didn't make any and I didn't write those things on a piece of paper. They just stay on my mind and here's the one of them; "Less is More". So, I've decided that from now I'm gonna wear outfits less than before, just to make it simple but still looked chic or elegant.

Headscarf : by ILS
Top : Local store
Pants : Re Shoppe
Sandals : Ezra by Zalora
Sling Bag : Colorbox

Three Tones


So, this is my very first post of this year. And I want to say HAPPY NEW YEAR! Sorry for the late greetings XD
I was sooo busy with college schedules and because it was my final exam of this semester and I'm on my only-two-weeks holiday now and it feels like I just wanna stay at home a whole days hahaha no no, I'm gonna have some productive moments later..

I wear black lately, just like my mood..
So, here's my first outfit post of the year. Enjoy!

Headscarf : Local store (Bandung)
Top : KIMI by Snowbelle
Skirt : Number 61
Pants : Re Shoppe
Shoes : Adorable Projects
Bag : unbranded

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