Lunch with Sister


Hello! How's your day?
Alhamdulillah just arrived safely back to home on last Friday. It was so sad leaving my hometown but I should back to home and I hope I'll go back again, in syaa Allah!

And because my mom didn't cook anything for lunch today, so me and my sister tried a new place near our house, Roemah Koempoel Resto & Cafe. I had baked rice with smoked beef and teh tarik. I give 7 out of 10 for the food haha! Good night x

Ina Wears: Eid Al Fitr Day


Here's my outfit for Eid Al-Fitr day!
And this is what I do when my mom didn't let me to buy a new clothes for this Eid *sigh*. So, I made this simple top for only two days from the pattern, fabric cutting, and sewing. Yeah I know that you also could make this piece in a shorter time haha! I made two pieces, in broken white and black.
Paired this simple top with my old tulle skirt. And a little touch of the body chain that I got from H&M yesterday. Ta-da!

Ina Wears :
Headscarf : Fix Pose
Top : by ILS
Skirt : ISH 
Body chain : H&M
Bangle : H&M

{Captured by Atiqah}

Ina Wears: Last Iftar with Relatives


I still want to keep the blog updated even while I'm in  my hometown hehe. Maybe I wouldn't share the pic about the situation of my hometown, because me and my family just do some visits to our relatives here. But I have a wishlist that I have to do some culinary here!
So, I wore this outfit to my aunt's (from my dad side) house, we had the last iftar of this Ramadhan. In black&white stripped mood with my sisters. But unfortunately, we didn't have any picture of us, because no one would like to shot it *cry*. But here I share some of the silly shots of me and my big sister. Happy Syawal day 2!

Ina Wears :
Headscarf : local store
Top : KIMI
Skirt : ISH

Eid Mubarak: 1 Syawal 1436 H

1 Syawal 1436 H
Alhamdulillah.. Ramadhan has passed and Syawal is coming. I hope we will start the new month(s) with a pure heart and mind. And I hope we will meet another Ramadhan next year(s), in syaa Allah :)
Send my Salam to you and your family! Enjoy your Eid Al-Fitr day xo 

Mudik 2015 : Airport Fashion


Here I am, back with an outfit post (as always) haha!
I'm in my hometown, Medan, right now! Just arrived on Sunday, came here with my family (minus Dad). My dad will come on Thursday, in syaa Allah.

And ya ya here's a quick shots of my outfit on the day we had our flight. Took the pictures at Soekarno Hatta International Airport by my lil sister. Yes, she will always be my photographer whenever we're together, xx!

Ina Wears :
Headscarf : by ILS
Jogger Jumpsuit : 8wood
Shoes : Something Borrowed 
Rings : Silver (H&M), Gold (Berrybenka)

And a little story of our flight. The weather was so unpredictable when the plane flew. Our plane was shaken by the bad weather for about four times in our 2 hours flight. Oh Allah.. I couldn't sleep well because the plane shook left to right and up and down. But Alhamdulillah, we landed safely at KualaNamu International Airport.

And here's a selfie pic of us in front of the airport. (minus my brother)

Clozette Indonesia X CENTRAL: "Hijab In Style"

Assalamu'alaikum, ladies!
How’s your Ramadhan so far? Oh my God, I just couldn’t realize that less than a week to go to Eid Al-Fitr day. I'm in my hometown now, yeay! To celebrate the D-day, in syaa Allah. Because it has been 2 years since my last visit to my hometown.

And yeah, here’s a surprise gift for you! Clozette Indonesia is collaborating with Central Department Store to giveaway 10 shopping vouchers, total Rp2,000,000! Wow! How to join?
But before that, aku akan menceritakan sedikit tentang foto di atas ;)
Yap, aku terpilih sebagai salah satu Ambassador yang menjadi bagian dari kolaborasi kali ini. Penasaran kan dengan outfit yang aku pakai? Nah dalam kolaborasi ini, Central Department Store ingin memperkenalkan koleksi Hari Raya dari 6 desainer ternama, siapa sajakah mereka?
Norma Hauri, Irna Mutiara, Ivan Gunawan, Nur Zahra, Yosafat Dwi Kurniawan, dan Poppy Theodorin. Ke-5 ambassador diberikan kesempatan untuk memilih outfit yang mereka sukai dan represents their own style. And I choose a dress in royal blue and white scarf with gold tassel by NORMA HAURI! Kenapa aku pilih dress dan hijab ini?

You must know that I love simple, clean, and bold outfit right? Nah, alasan tersebut bisa mewakilkan jawaban kenapa aku memilih rancangan Norma Hauri ini nih. Koleksi desainer Norma Hauri yang ada di Central Department Store semuanya berupa long dress dengan berbagai macam desain, ada yang long straight dress, dress dengan aksen drapery, pleated, dan bahkan semi-coat dress seperti yang aku pakai ini.

Koleksi khusus Hari Raya karya desainer Norma Hauri ini mengusung warna royal blue sebagai warna dasar dan padanan hijab bernuansa putih. Dominasi biru dan putih tersebut mempresentasikan kesucian dan kebijaksanaan yang cocok dikenakan oleh muslimah saat menyambut Hari Raya mendatang. Melalui kombinasi bahan gabardine, chiffon serta jacquard, dapat menambah kesan anggun bagi setiap hijaber. 

Untuk hijab style-nya, aku membalut hijab ini dengan style yang 'back to basic' dan tidak terlihat berlebihan. Aku juga ingin memamerkan aksen tassel berwarna gold yang senada dengan gold buttons pada dress. Overall, this style represents me so much and I feel like an Arabian princess on this dress!
And now I want you to join this Hijab In Style contest and win the shopping voucher from Central Department Store! If you have same taste of fashion like me, please vote for me in this contest! I’d appreciate it and let me say thank you! XO
Sebelumnya pastikan kamu sudah memiliki account di Clozette Indonesia ya. Selanjutnya, klik Apa yang akan kamu lihat disana?

Kamu harus melakukan vote untuk bisa menjadi salah satu dari 10 pemenang yang beruntung yang nantinya akan mendapat voucher belanja. Simak caranya berikut ini :
  • Klik 
  • Sign Up/Log In ke account Clozette Indonesia 
  • Pilih diantara 5 HIJAB STYLE ini yang paling kamu suka
  • Klik panah berwarna pink di sebelah kanan atau kiri untuk melihat pilihan lengkapnya
  • Tulis mana yang menjadi HIJAB STYLE favoritmu dan alasannya di comment box di bawah foto.

Syarat dan Ketentuan :
  1. Kontes berlangsung selama periode 6 - 27 Juli 2015.
  2. Kontes ini terbuka bagi Warga Negara Indonesia berusia minimal 18 tahun.
  3. Peserta harus terdaftar sebagai anggota Clozette Indonesia untuk dapat berpartisipasi.
  4. Peserta harus follow akun Instagram Clozette Indonesia (@clozetteid) dan Central Department Store Grand Indonesia East Mall (CentralStoreID).
  5. Pemenang akan dihubungi langsung oleh tim Clozette Indonesia melalui email.
  6. Kontes ini tertutup bagi karyawan Clozette Indonesia dan Central Dept. Store beserta keluarganya.
  7. Keputusan Clozette Indonesia sebagai penyelenggara adalah mutlak dan tidak dapat diganggu gugat.
Dan tunggu saat pengumuman pemenangnya! So, please please join this contest and vote for your most favorite one (It would be nice if you vote for me hehe!)
I hope you will be one of the lucky winner! Good luck, ladies!

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