CID x The Intern Movie: Let's Watch The Trailer, Fashion Enthusiast


Are you waiting for a Western Comedy movie? Or maybe are you a comedy movie lover?  Yeah, The Intern movie will be in the theaters soon! Woohoo *clap!*

A movie that tells about a 70-years-old widower, Ben Whittaker (Robert De Niro), has discovered that retirement isn't all it's cracked up to be. Seizing the opportunity to get back in the game, he becomes a senior intern at an online fashion site, founded and run by Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway).

Actually, I'm not a big fan of comedy movie, I watch action movie instead haha. But this movie is totally worth to wait! There are some reasons why I want you to watch this movie. But I'm not gonna tell you here, you should find them out by watching the trailer here! And don't forget to follow and keep update The Intern movie by following their official Facebook and Twitter.

And I'm sure that this movie trailer makes you curious about that online fashion site and Jules Ostin dress up SO well! And now, happy watching!

P.S: The Intern movie will be out in the theaters on this September. So, make sure you watch it! XO

Fashion Purchased: For The Love of Monochrome


Let me share to you about some fashion items that I just purchased recently. My eyes can't get rid of something in monochrome colors lately. So when I collected the items this morning, then I took a picture of them and now I'm gonna share it to you! Let's get started!
1) White Shirt by MAVEN
I've been looking for a not transparent woman white shirt for ages. And luckily I found it yesterday when I was scrolling around at the happening event in Grand Indonesia called LOCALFEST.CO.ID 4.0. You should check their collection! Because they have basic woman clothes with an affordable price!

2) Cotton Square by Headscarf by PINOKIA
This is a new hijab brand by my friend, Adzkia. She sells cotton square hijab and the happening IMA scarf in many colors. For you who looking for a thick and easy-to-wrap hijab, you can check the Instagram now!

3) Silver Necklace by Colorbox
Actually this piece of necklace was given by my close friend for my late birthday gift. And I love to wear this necklace these days.

4) Black Sling Bag by EMBELLISH
I got this simply sling bag for a special price from Zalora Indonesia! And I love it because I could bring my SLR camera along haha!

5) Air Max 90 by NIKE
So I got a IDR 1million shopping voucher from Central Department Store Grand Indonesia. Because some of the Clozette Indonesia ambassadors worked for Central Department Store on a campaign last Ramadhan. And here I bought a black and white Nike Airmax on their store. Actually I was craving for Adidas Superstars in White&Black but it was out of stock T.T

6) Man's T-shirt by American Eagle Outfitters
Yesterday was the grand opening day of AEO Grand Indonesia. And 10 of the Clozette Indonesia ambassador visited their store and had a free shopping voucher! I didn't find anything that fits on me, so I chose a t-shirt for my bf XD Thanks a lot Clozette Indonesia and AEO!

7) Jogger Pants by ERFOLGHABEN // EFG
Found a joger pants in light grey yesterday at LOCALFEST.CO.ID 4.0 event too. I really love the fabric and the design.

8) Sahara Dress by ISH
Love at the first sight, because it has a unique design. I wore it to the grand opening of AEO yesterday. And I got a feminine yet boyish look haha.

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