My life as a 20 y.o girl has taught me about so many things. Many things to be experienced, to be learned, to be shared, and also to be kept by myself. My college life is getting harder because I only have less than one year left before my final project to get my bachelor degree. But thank Allah for my friends who are struggling with me too.

I lost someone. No, he's not gone, he's just went away from my life. Someone who had been with me since 2009. And finally, we came to an end since last month. I'm grateful, truthfully. Then someone comes. I won't hope too much but I wish he would be the last one. My friends are getting busier. So do I.

What I learned is "Real life just began on your 20. So make it worth." Life has been so complicated but it's something that I should be grateful for. Alhamdulillah..


Have you ever trapped by your own egoism?

I know that people has their own egoism, but only few of them could control it. As long as the egoism won't impact to people around them, it's okay and it's still understandable. But how if there's one kind of egoism which is negatively impact to some people who close to you and it happened for more than once, twice, even for the third times, would you forgive her/him (again) willingly? And love them again just like it was never happened?


Hi! Watt's your Coffee?
Oops I mean, how's your day? Feeling well as usual or feeling exciting about something? I'm doing well with my works as a fashion student.

You know that I love coffee as much as I love myself. Coffee never ruins my day, it always boost my mood up. Coffee always stays with me in any kind of feeling that I have. In good or bad. I'm not trying to say it excessively. But I say the true feeling haha!


Up until now, I haven't found a right kind of training which suits my personality and my activities that I have, as a student. Having a healthy mind, soul and body is one of my life goal. But back to the reality, I'm at my 4th year college and I still have some busy activities in weekdays. But luckily, I still have three days off in a week and I often fill the days with some useful activities, like take some proper rest, cleaning my stuffs, attending event(s), or workout sometimes.

And luckily, I received a really useful and exciting offering from Clozette Indonesia, which is doing on a project with one of a famous workout place of the year, called 20FIT


Back to the day when I shouted the Althea Korea's 1st birthday on this post. I know it's too late to do the unboxing video of my Althea's pink box, but promise is still a promise, right? And here they are ... Please watch the video! xo


What do you do when people care about you?
Care means love.
If it happened to you, would you love them back? And let the memories of the past go?


Sitting in the corner of a large classroom, typing these words and thinking about when will I go home. Having headache, flu and getting tired with all of these "school" things. I don't think that I'm going to be a teacher later. I love the students, but I hate the teacher's "tools"
Back to the evening when me and my little sister played with make up and decided to took some kind of cool pictures in the house.


It's good to be back with the black outfit. Feeling myself real. When I wear black it means that I show you my identity. Because black is everything that I need for every fashion thing that I have.

Cap : KZL
Top : UNA
Pants : ReShoppe
Shoes : Nike



Okay, let's talk about another piece of cloth to be paired with the wide leg pants. This time, I'm wearing the pants with a feminine touch. Because I'm pairing my white wide leg pants with a soft pink peplum blouse.



Hi everyone, have an awesome weekend!
Now I'm going to share a little tips for you who still confuse about how to style wide leg pants.
Basically, I really love to wear pants especially loose or wide pants or cullotes for my daily wear. I wear them to college, to a formal event, or just for hang out. I don't wear skinny pants, because I know that my legs are not skinny haha!


My life feels so confusing and complicated in this year, especially my love life. Things were going upside down sometimes, then back to normal again, another thing was happen, then it was normal again and it happens repeatedly. 
It happened because I'm afraid of losing someone, but on the other hand, what I want is letting him go. But there are lots of things to be thought before I choose my decision. That's why it was so confusing, my mind think harder, sometimes I felt so tired physically, and at the end, I fall for the same person.

How about the next 6 months from now?



Finally, my pink box from Althea just came this afternoon all the way from South Korea, yeay! So I got the IDR500K shopping voucher to celebrate Althea 1st Birthday! Are you curious about what's inside my pink box? Subscribe to my YouTube channel and have a sweet pink day xo



Hi! Happy Tuesday!
Hmm there's a thing that I really want to do from a few weeks ago and I just make it begins today, yes it's vlogging! Haha
I really love and enjoy the video which is uploaded by the vlogger that I've been subscribed since these past few weeks. They made the vlog with the professional touch to the simple one. So please visit my #1 daily vlog on my channel simply click #1 Daily Vlog of INALTF and I hope you'd like to subscribe, like and leave a comment!

If you also have a YouTube channel please let me know by leaving a comment below and I'd like to have you on my subscription list! x

INA LATHIFAH: is back!


Hi, blog lyfe!
It has been months since my last post haha. My 6th semester of college life felt so exhausted and there were much things that I can't even describe. If you are a fashion design student, you must have known how hard the struggle is, right? So bear with it because we are the soon to be an amazing designer. Amin... :)

And before it's too late, Eid Mubarak 1437H! I hope you have a blessed Raya day and let's forgive each other because we are muslim :)

Btw, I'm missing blogging so much! And beside that, I'm going to make my own VLOG soon! I'm amazed by the Vlogger this day, they make me want to make one too haha! So please stay tune and I hope you won't mind xo

Fashion Show: PEACOCK PALACE by Albert Yanuar


Hi ladies!
The 13th Jakarta Fashion & Food Festival is coming again this month. And last Sunday I got a chance to watch a show by one of Indonesia fashion designer, Albert Yanuar.

NTC Tour JKT // Preparation and D day


Hi, girls!

I have prepared myself to join this exercise event by joining the NTC Tour Training around two weeks before the D day. This training had been hold at Studio Gerak on Saturday, April 1st.
So far, I really enjoyed the training which trained by one of the professional Nike trainer. There were 10 girls in the training class when I joined it. We had so much fun! We did so many move individually, in a pair, and even in a group. It made us motivated by our group mates.

INA LATHIFAH: I Only Wear Basic


Hola! It's been so long since my last post of my personal style! And here I am, going back to share to you again about what I wore for my last weekend.

Shoes to Choose: ButterflyTwists at Kota Kasablanka


I think every woman has a lot of shoes in their closet, right? Because woman and shoes are bestfriend!
Some women only have the basic shoes which is can be worn with any outfits and some women have many kind of shoes with many colors and designs, or something like a rare one. But the shoes we have represent our personality too. Are you a simple one or classic or feminine or edgy or something else?

For A Better Me with Nike and Clozette Indonesia


Hello young girls, I'm going to spread a good news for you! Maybe there are lots of youngster out there who loves fashion, right? And also there's so much fashion communities around us, because they do appreciate the differences and unique-ness of each fashion people or we called it fashionista.

Skincare Halal bagi Seorang Muslimah


Hi ladies, how are you? It's good to be back to blogging time!
Being beautiful must be a dream for every woman (including me). Tidak hanya kecantikan fisik, kita sebagai muslimah juga diajarkan bahwa kecantikan juga dari dalam hati kita, makanya walaupun menggunakan hijab, inner beauty kita jadi lebih terpancarkan. Inner Beauty buatku adalah untuk menjadi diri sendiri, seperti apa yang diinginkan, enggak perlu mengikuti satu bentuk kecantikan tertentu karena kecantikan datang dalam berbagai bentuk, #CantikUntukSemua. Tapi dengan inner beauty ini bukan berarti kemudian kita cuek dengan penampilan dan tidak merawat diri juga. Merawat diri tetap harus dilakukan.

Clozette Indonesia: December Clozetters Meet Up X Natural Honey


Well, I think this is gonna be the last post of my 2015 unpublished post and it's about the last Clozetters Meet Up of 2015.
Last December, Clozette hold the monthly gathering for the team, ambassadors, stars, and also the lucky Clozette Indonesia users. This time, Clozette Indonesia collaborated with Natural Honey, which is an Indonesia beauty brand specialty in body lotion.
Clozette also invited one main speaker who known as one of the healthy life influencer, Nectaria Ayu (Instagram).
And as usual, we had a mini game before the event was over. It was a fun game tho, because we were divided into groups and we should made a healthy smoothies based on the each theme of the smoothies. Even my group wasn't the first winner, but we had lots of fun and we made a delicious and healthy smoothies! Thank you ka Nectar for taught us how to made the right green smoothies.
And yes, another thing that I love about this month gathering beside the fun game, the place!
Clozette Indonesia team had chose the right place to hold this event, Clea Tea Bar & Flower Boutique, Kemang, South Jakarta. The flower boutique was the right place for us to took some pictures and selfie of course!
Well, because the dresscode was "Feminine Yellow" and you know that I don't have any yellow clothes in my wardrobe *poor me..* so I decided to bought this yellow headscarf and made the DIY tassels necklace worn as belt! Yes, I was save XD
Headscarf: unbranded // Outwear: Labonita Boutique // Pants: Coup Belle // Handbag: Zalora // Belt: DIY // Shoes: League

INA LATHIFAH: How to Wear an Open-Front Dress


I wear skirt or dress rarely, I wear them just for some occasions. But I wouldn't say no to this kind of open-front dress. I don't need something expensive, I need an outfit which is comfortable, makes me easy to move around, and represents my style of course!
Headscarf: local store // Dress: ISH // Pants: ReShoppe // Sandals: MKS Shoes // Bag: Something Borrowed

INA LATHIFAH: Sweater Weather


Showing my kind of sweet-side-girl look for this early 2016. Just skip about my resolution, because I want to focus about what I do now.

Headscarf: unbranded // Sweater: Matahari (beading by me) // Pants: Coup Belle // Sandals: ZEUS// Bag: Something Borrowed

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