Clozette Indonesia: December Clozetters Meet Up X Natural Honey


Well, I think this is gonna be the last post of my 2015 unpublished post and it's about the last Clozetters Meet Up of 2015.
Last December, Clozette hold the monthly gathering for the team, ambassadors, stars, and also the lucky Clozette Indonesia users. This time, Clozette Indonesia collaborated with Natural Honey, which is an Indonesia beauty brand specialty in body lotion.
Clozette also invited one main speaker who known as one of the healthy life influencer, Nectaria Ayu (Instagram).
And as usual, we had a mini game before the event was over. It was a fun game tho, because we were divided into groups and we should made a healthy smoothies based on the each theme of the smoothies. Even my group wasn't the first winner, but we had lots of fun and we made a delicious and healthy smoothies! Thank you ka Nectar for taught us how to made the right green smoothies.
And yes, another thing that I love about this month gathering beside the fun game, the place!
Clozette Indonesia team had chose the right place to hold this event, Clea Tea Bar & Flower Boutique, Kemang, South Jakarta. The flower boutique was the right place for us to took some pictures and selfie of course!
Well, because the dresscode was "Feminine Yellow" and you know that I don't have any yellow clothes in my wardrobe *poor me..* so I decided to bought this yellow headscarf and made the DIY tassels necklace worn as belt! Yes, I was save XD
Headscarf: unbranded // Outwear: Labonita Boutique // Pants: Coup Belle // Handbag: Zalora // Belt: DIY // Shoes: League

INA LATHIFAH: How to Wear an Open-Front Dress


I wear skirt or dress rarely, I wear them just for some occasions. But I wouldn't say no to this kind of open-front dress. I don't need something expensive, I need an outfit which is comfortable, makes me easy to move around, and represents my style of course!
Headscarf: local store // Dress: ISH // Pants: ReShoppe // Sandals: MKS Shoes // Bag: Something Borrowed

INA LATHIFAH: Sweater Weather


Showing my kind of sweet-side-girl look for this early 2016. Just skip about my resolution, because I want to focus about what I do now.

Headscarf: unbranded // Sweater: Matahari (beading by me) // Pants: Coup Belle // Sandals: ZEUS// Bag: Something Borrowed

INA LATHIFAH: White and Denim for Vintage Style


There's something or more which is left from my 2015 pictures. Finally, I have a little time to share it to you. Thank you for always waiting for my new post. I hope you have a good day of this new year! Let's be a better person day by day.

Went for a lunch and had a chit chat with my sister and my girl.
Couldn't help myself to not wore this white hijab with screen printing details, which is actually one of my final project for Textile Design subject haha!White and denim never go wrong for a kind of vintage style.

2016, eh?


Welcoming a new day of 2016 by gulping a cup of coffee. What did you do?

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