For A Better Me with Nike and Clozette Indonesia


Hello young girls, I'm going to spread a good news for you! Maybe there are lots of youngster out there who loves fashion, right? And also there's so much fashion communities around us, because they do appreciate the differences and unique-ness of each fashion people or we called it fashionista.

But we're not only find them in an offline fashion communities, we also have such an online fashion community, and we could find them easily in our social media. And if you know that Indonesia also has an online fashion social network called Clozette Indonesia. It's a fashion and beauty social network where you could find everything about fashion and beauty, inspirations, and you also could inspired us by uploading your fashion and beauty pictures and share it to the Clozetters!
And this time, Clozette Indonesia collaborates with Nike Indonesia to encourage the youngster to start and experience sports in a different way. Because we're the young people can do sports with style or in a fashionable way.
Clozette Indonesia will provide a platform where we, the youngster, can find lots of inspiring contents from everyone who does fashionable sports and their sports experiences, both from the healthy needs and fashion angle.
So, let's make some moves for healthier life and for a better me and you! Now take your most fashionable sport outfit, take a picture while you do sports or everything about your daily active activity, then share it to us and let's inspired each other, #ForABetterMe and #BetterForIt!
These Nike running set just completely made my mood up to start the day by running lightly around my place. I just couldn't doubt the comfy-ness to wear it especially this Nike Power Speed Tight.
It comes with high stretch fabric, strategic screen print which supports key muscle, and a zip pocket on the back waist area. So, it helps me to move easily and lightly. The black and red color are just represent my mood which is on-fire to do sports in a fashionable way.
Fashion is a self-expression of yours. So why don't you express yourself through fashion and sport? Now let's be a cool youngster among the others for a healthier body and better you! Because fashion and sport will work good together! It's time to change to be a better you, girls!
And last but not least, I challenge you to join the NTC Tour JKT! This big event will be held on April 16th 2016. Click the link for registration here. See you!

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