INA LATHIFAH: I Only Wear Basic


Hola! It's been so long since my last post of my personal style! And here I am, going back to share to you again about what I wore for my last weekend.

You may noticed that I really love to wear basic items for my daily wear. Basic design, basic colors, and basic shape of the clothes. So the whole things that I wear should be fit my body (but not tight), so I can move freely and if you know that I almost always going somewhere by bike or you call it GrabBike/GoJek haha!
And mixing my favorite colors in one look always make me happy!
Headscarf: by ILS
Long Vest: Nanda Ayu
Pants: F21
Sandals: Ezra by Zalora
Mini bag: Shoppa Poppa // endorsement
Captured by AAS


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