NTC Tour JKT // Preparation and D day


Hi, girls!

I have prepared myself to join this exercise event by joining the NTC Tour Training around two weeks before the D day. This training had been hold at Studio Gerak on Saturday, April 1st.
So far, I really enjoyed the training which trained by one of the professional Nike trainer. There were 10 girls in the training class when I joined it. We had so much fun! We did so many move individually, in a pair, and even in a group. It made us motivated by our group mates.

We also got to know each other and I'm so admire them because of their big and serious efforts to join this 2016 NTC Tour. And the three girls including me, we just joined this training for the first time. But I could see their big desire to join this training and to get healthier body then. More than two thumbs up for these cool girls!
And thank you so much Nike Indonesia for my cool outfits! The girls and trainer love it so much, especially this training tight!
Finally the wait is over! For the second time, Nike hold a big event called NTC Tour JKT 2016 on last Saturday, April 16th. This event was hold at Balai Kartini Expo from 1:00 PM til 7:30 PM.
Actually I'm not so into sport, but when I joined this NTC Tour; exercise together with international trainer from Nike and with the other girls, we made sweat, feeling tired, and got my body so stiff, but it turned out to be super fun! I could see the huge enthusiasm from the girls.
They really motivated me to not to gave up, even I was finally gave up after two classes because I wasn't feeling well on that day. I hope I can do more exercise after I join this event.
So, this NTC Tour JKT consists of 4 classes in total; Yoga Class, Dance Class, Strength Class, and Cycling Class. And you also have to chose between NRC or NTC to compete with the other girls.
You won't feel exhausted after all, because there was a 15 minutes break on every rotations, they also served some refreshments for us and there was a cafe where sold a healthy and yummy meals!

With a night-life kind of place, fun musics, cool lighting, and air-con hall, it built a feeling that you were not in an exercise moment, when sometimes exercise makes you (especially me) feeling the pressure haha.
We started the event by warming up together and then we did the first rotation based on the class we chose when we registered ourselves.
I chose yoga for my first rotation. You know that I'm not an exercise-person, so it was my first time doing yoga actually XD People said Dance class is easier than yoga, but I enjoyed yoga after all. 
And for the second rotation I did cycling. My legs felt so stiff because of the 30 minutes cycling but it felt so refreshing because I made so much sweat while did it haha.
After the third and the fourth rotation, we finally reached the last schedule which was cooling down together, And just before the trainee saying goodbye, we took a selfie together with the trainee and the crews too!
So far, this is the best exercise event that I've ever joined. I hope Nike will make another tour for the next year and I'd like to invite my sisters and my friends to join too! Because doing exercise together is so much fun! See you
And now girls, if you're an exercise-person, don't forget to upload your cool exercise outfits and share it us on Clozette Indonesia and tag #ForABetterMe and #NikeWoman also, don't missed Nike upcoming events by regularly check nike.com/jakarta J
Let's inspire each other and be a better person day by day! 


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