Hi! Happy Tuesday!
Hmm there's a thing that I really want to do from a few weeks ago and I just make it begins today, yes it's vlogging! Haha
I really love and enjoy the video which is uploaded by the vlogger that I've been subscribed since these past few weeks. They made the vlog with the professional touch to the simple one. So please visit my #1 daily vlog on my channel simply click #1 Daily Vlog of INALTF and I hope you'd like to subscribe, like and leave a comment!

If you also have a YouTube channel please let me know by leaving a comment below and I'd like to have you on my subscription list! x


And by the way, if you're following my Instagram you may realized that I really love to shot a simple photograph these days. Anything that really caught my eyes, simply capture it and edit the pic with VSCO. So, here are some of them. I hope you like it and I'll see you on YouTube :)

The pics was taken when I was in Medan and Bandung, Indonesia.


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