INA LATHIFAH: is back!


Hi, blog lyfe!
It has been months since my last post haha. My 6th semester of college life felt so exhausted and there were much things that I can't even describe. If you are a fashion design student, you must have known how hard the struggle is, right? So bear with it because we are the soon to be an amazing designer. Amin... :)

And before it's too late, Eid Mubarak 1437H! I hope you have a blessed Raya day and let's forgive each other because we are muslim :)

Btw, I'm missing blogging so much! And beside that, I'm going to make my own VLOG soon! I'm amazed by the Vlogger this day, they make me want to make one too haha! So please stay tune and I hope you won't mind xo


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