Hi everyone, have an awesome weekend!
Now I'm going to share a little tips for you who still confuse about how to style wide leg pants.
Basically, I really love to wear pants especially loose or wide pants or cullotes for my daily wear. I wear them to college, to a formal event, or just for hang out. I don't wear skinny pants, because I know that my legs are not skinny haha!

Many girls around me especially my friends asked me, "Ina, where did you buy your wide pants?" They think that I had a lot of wide pants on my wardrobe, hmm not really, but yes, I have more wide pants than my skinny jeans.
And the answer is, "I just bought them from a random shop or in a bazaar", if it's a branded one so I told them where to buy it, if it's not, so yeah just find your own. Haha kidding!

And let's back to the topic, here are 5 tips for you :
Find Your Right Size
Make sure that the wide pants isn't too wide for you, so you won't be looked tiny when you wear them.

Loose or Flowy Fabric is Better
I personally love the flowy one, because it won't be looked like a real "wide" pants.

Plain or Vertical Stripes Pattern is Better
Choose your own style and fyi vertical stripes pattern would create a long legs illusion.

Wear it on Your Waist or Up
Another tips to make a long leg illusion.

Wear High Heels or Ankle Boots
It never failed!
After the 5 basic tips above, now I'm going to show you my personal style about how to wear a wide leg pants. This is the first part, because there will be the second, third, and maybe sixth? Insya Allah :D So please stay tune!

Wide Leg Pants with Midi Outwear

Headscarf: unbranded
Outwear: Novierock
Wide Pants: Bazaar
Heels: NSBWZ 
Clutch: unbranded


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