Back to the day when I shouted the Althea Korea's 1st birthday on this post. I know it's too late to do the unboxing video of my Althea's pink box, but promise is still a promise, right? And here they are ... Please watch the video! xo

I don't really know about Korean's makeup actually. So I only pick anything which suits my skin type and something that I need for my everyday use.
And one thing that I really love about shopping on ALTHEA is they give us lot's of information about each product. So I didn't get confused about the product's ingredients, how to use it, how many times should I use it, and so on.
Can't wait to make another purchase on ALTHEA because I already have my wishlist(s)! :D

Thank you so much ALTHEA! And for you, please do a visit on the website to know more about my Korean makeup haul and buy some Korean makeup products on the website here. Have a sweet pink day!


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