Have you ever trapped by your own egoism?

I know that people has their own egoism, but only few of them could control it. As long as the egoism won't impact to people around them, it's okay and it's still understandable. But how if there's one kind of egoism which is negatively impact to some people who close to you and it happened for more than once, twice, even for the third times, would you forgive her/him (again) willingly? And love them again just like it was never happened?

Hi, there. Thank you for always forgive my mistakes, thank you for being someone who stands still and wait for me, thank you for always reminds me what's good or bad for us, thank you for always listen to my stories, thank you for always be the only place for me to cry, thank you for the loving me again and again, thank you for everything you've gave me, and last but not least, thank you for growing up with me. Only Allah who can pays everything you gave and did to me. Remember, you always in my pray.

Bogor, October 10th 2016



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