My life as a 20 y.o girl has taught me about so many things. Many things to be experienced, to be learned, to be shared, and also to be kept by myself. My college life is getting harder because I only have less than one year left before my final project to get my bachelor degree. But thank Allah for my friends who are struggling with me too.

I lost someone. No, he's not gone, he's just went away from my life. Someone who had been with me since 2009. And finally, we came to an end since last month. I'm grateful, truthfully. Then someone comes. I won't hope too much but I wish he would be the last one. My friends are getting busier. So do I.

What I learned is "Real life just began on your 20. So make it worth." Life has been so complicated but it's something that I should be grateful for. Alhamdulillah..


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