INA LATHIFAH: I Only Wear Basic


Hola! It's been so long since my last post of my personal style! And here I am, going back to share to you again about what I wore for my last weekend.

Shoes to Choose: ButterflyTwists at Kota Kasablanka


I think every woman has a lot of shoes in their closet, right? Because woman and shoes are bestfriend!
Some women only have the basic shoes which is can be worn with any outfits and some women have many kind of shoes with many colors and designs, or something like a rare one. But the shoes we have represent our personality too. Are you a simple one or classic or feminine or edgy or something else?

For A Better Me with Nike and Clozette Indonesia


Hello young girls, I'm going to spread a good news for you! Maybe there are lots of youngster out there who loves fashion, right? And also there's so much fashion communities around us, because they do appreciate the differences and unique-ness of each fashion people or we called it fashionista.

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