Visited the latest Big Bad Wolf Books 2017 at ICE last month. I'm not a big fan of book(s) and I don't really read book actually, hahah. Just accompanied my sister and her friend then what did I do there? Looked for an OOTD spot with my little sis, as usual. Yes she's the photographer behind (almost) all of my pics. But I'm still the director of course, hahah.

I'm wearing combo; cap and shades, because it was too hot there. Since ICE is kind of a new place,  so the trees around the building haven't grow up completely.

Outer : Gerai Hawa
Top : /SA VIE/ -- my latest collection

And by the way, my lil sister gave me this bouquet as a present of my final show. She couldn't make to watched directly because she had to go to school, hahah. She was the only one who gave me a flower bouquet, is it because I'm single? Haha.
If you notice that I'm getting fat now, yes I do. Reaching the weight that I never thought before.. It all started since I broke up and my internship program. I eat too much snacks lately. I couldn't handle it. Hahah. But now I start to control about what and when to eat snacks. I still can't call it a diet, I still can't do exercise regularly, and also I still can't have clean food for my daily consume. But at least I'm trying.. So please support me!


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