I still remember the moment when I was missing how's the 'butterfly feeling' feels like. Now I'm blessed that I have a chance to feel that feeling again after quite long time. How couldn't I? When a man that I was crushed on, now I can even call him mine. It's really what I call a dream comes true.. Once again, I'm blessed.
A lot of unexpected things happened for these past four months, since the day I met you again. I feel like I'm helping you out from your zone. Not a comfort one tho, but it's a zone where you spent most of the times for these past five years. 

The moment I know you more on each days. Every things that you and I've told one another, just to make sure that we won't hide anything, just trying to be open to one another, without any specific purpose before. We just feel comfortable just the way who we are. Until we found out and realized that there's something beautiful between us.

We might have different way of thinking. But when we have similarity in some little things like; when we accidentally wear same clothes, when we thought about the same thing, when we want to eat same food or watch same movie, etc. that's the right time for us to appreciate more. Because life will always be beautiful whenever we always be grateful about everything that happened.

You might be the only one man whom I always put your name on my prays. I believe if we put Allah first, we don't have to worry because everything will be alright and Allah knows more about the future. Once again, I'm blessed.
Until the day I found out about your kind and sincere intention towards me. For the honest intention that you've said, for the commitment that we've made, for the dreams that we want to chase, for the love that we've waited for..

When we still sat together in your car at midnight. I was closing my eyes and you started to talk about it. He hold my hand and make sure that I haven't sleep yet. Everything started from your question, "What's your life plans for the next one or two years?" I simply answer, "I have to finished my college first, build my own clothing line business, and think about getting married when I meet my fate. Why?" "If I want to ask you for a serious relationship, what do you think?" I answered his question still in the same position and closing my eyes. Then when his last question out from his lips, I still closed my eyes and I feel the warm and peaceful feeling. The feeling that I want to keep for a long time.. And the talk still going on 'til I open my eyes and looked into his eyes deeply. The best thing I've ever seen when I woke up.

We continued the talk 'til around an hour later. We sure made a commitment. I asked him, "have you figured out my weaknesses?" "I haven't found one up until now." "Ok then I want to warn you that there will be the time you'd figure it out, so be ready for it. I'm not trying to scare you.." But we know that one of the reason a relationship would be lasted long is because we have to accept our partner's plus and minus, rite?

That quiet yet beautiful night just passed. It was already past 12 AM. And we decided to have this serious relationship started from that day, August 16th. I love him since the day he chat me, but I had no reason to own him, all I did was keep it by myself. Now I love him more, not because I own him now but because he feels the same way as I do, he completes me.

And one of the most beautiful thing that he said that night was, "I'm sorry, I've made you wait.." Don't worry dear, you're the one that worth to wait for tho.

Let's talk about us now, not only me nor you, this is us. The unexpected meeting two years ago brought us here. From someone whom I only know to someone whom I crushed on to someone whom I can call mine.

Let's walk the journey together, side by side, through thick and thin, through our pray and also for our commitment.




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