Back to day when we met for the first time

An unexpected meeting that brought us to this point now

No one ever expect, not even us

It's so funny to remember that old time - not that old actually, it happened two years ago

I still remember the first time I saw you, something that came up on my mind was only, "He's a good looking guy" enough

And two years later - which means now

We met again

I didn't notice any different from you, just like the old you back to the year of our first met

And then it all started

I get to know you more and more since April 7th 'til now

So many unexpected feelings that have acrossed my heart, but all I remember is the happiest one

Things getting more beautiful day by day

I believe that lyf is full of surprises

Be patients and wait for each surprises, because it's a worth to wait for

And you're one of it.


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