To the beautiful soul I know,

It's not about being physically handsome, there's something beautiful in you that makes me fall into you each day.

The love for you grows bigger day by day.

There are so many things that I never realized or even never believed before, but it just clearly happened since I met you.

I thank God everyday because God has sent me a loving man like you.

A soul that I haven't found before.

I never asked God about what kind of -mate who will complete my soul-, I believe in God that He will send me that best -mate at the right time.

I don't know if is it too fast to say so?

But what makes me sure about this soul to complete mine is because you're purely made me sure.

We have walked the journey to find that -mate for years. I hope that this is the right time for us to finally meet.

We've finally reached this point, after getting tired and failed for some times.

To the beautiful soul I own now,

I'm sure that we met at the perfect time. I've looked for you since I knew what's the meaning of "love". Loving you and being loved by you is something I always dream of.

I'm sure you've looked for me too with your own way.

And now here we are. Thank God I found him.

Thank God it's you.


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