I thought that the journey of my study as a fashion student were end on this early year, but it was just a dream, I know. I still walk the journey and I'm enjoying it. Talking about what do make me survive to chase the dream as a fashion designer is them--these gurls. Yes, they are one of the reason I'm still survive up until now. I never had a good friendship thingy with girls before, so I thank God for them. They know me well since the day 1 we walked the journey together. Now we're in a step to finish this journey, working on our bachelor thesis to get the degree--S.Pd. Good luck for us, gurls! Let's take the graduation on March 2018!


And thank you Nana who just bought my favorite chocolate all the way from Malaysia. Yes, I do love this not-so-pricey chocolate since I was kid, my dad used to bought it back then. And thank God they're still exist! Good night.


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