Hi, Sunday.

I've been wanted to visit Stone Garden since few months ago. I've seen people's pics and thought that it's such a cool place, a huge garden on a hill filled with lots of ancient rocks. And finally we made to enjoy the morning there a week ago. Actually, we wanted to have a shoot while the sun rises and enjoy the morning haze on the top of the hill, but we couldn't make it since we arrived late, when the sun already high hahah. But don't worry, the place still looked cool tho.

It's such a good place to spend the morning with your loved ones, enjoy the cold breeze, peaceful place surrounded by big rocks, but you should be careful because a/few monkey/s will approach you quietly but please don't scream if you're scared, just leave them slowly. Because it was what happened to us hahah. While we were doing makeup and my bf was preparing his camera, and suddenly two monkeys approach us out of the blue.

And because of that incident, now I know that my bf scared of monkey. Hahahah. He was insecure and (almost) lost his mood to take picture because of them. So we decided to walked away and found another spot. While we continue did makeup, he calmed himself down. I'm sorry dear but you were too funny when I remember your face at that time. Luv!

Here I was featuring my friend's label called H by Hera. Shop the outer now!

Photo by @adryantoro from @alexopictures

Stone Garden, Citatah, Kab. Bandung, West Java
Rp25,000/person (for commercial shoot)
Additional fee for parking


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