Talking about one of my 2018 resolution;

"Shop less, sew more."

Every time I found good clothes in a store or even on my phone screen, something that comes up on my mind is, "Don't buy! You have to make one for yourself." That spell works well most of the time and helps me to cut my monthly expense for clothes shopping (even I don't buy new clothes once a month tho). Since I studied fashion, not only theory but also practical, so start from this year I have to push down my expense on buying clothes. I prefer to buy fabric and sew it by myself.
Even though the challenge is way harder than shop the clothes directly, but still.. I have to optimize my skill. Since I always love simple cutting clothes, so it's not that hard to make the pattern. But one thing that's actually hard and sometimes could hold up the works is "to have the mood." Because every right-brained person needs a good mood to create a good result. Hahah.

So what I've learnt about my experience is, if you have a target or resolution to make yourself a better one, start from the thing that you can do at least for yourself.
Remember, even yourself is precious.


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